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Good day. My name is Ivica.

From Europe, more precisely from Serbia. I'd like to make jewelry for you and other things. Can you help me?

Write me an e-mail all about your business. Thanks in advance.


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I made two pairs of earring but I needed more beded my name is Raynell my number is 5045417538

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Hello! I found the man who is claim that is your agent.He says me that is work at home.He offer me jobe(made toys and jewellery).He says me that I cant heard with you just he can.I send you his name.I hope so you give me answer very soon.I live in Bosnian and Herzegovina.I like work with you if is correct that man.I dont know realy good english i hope so you understand me..thanks

Name and last name:Begovic Edin

adresss:Varos 13

Zip code:72270 Travnik

Country:Bosnian and Herzegovina

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Oh I Tried it alright. Artisan Corporation

The Artisan Experience, Make these highly complex earrings for extra income.

Firstly ,I will be astonished if i ever found someone who truly was able to completely assemble from scratch 1 pair of these earrings correctly and in less than 3 hours. We are talking about working with beeds 1/5 the size of a green pea to form an earring comprised of over 200 TINY beads, and feel not discouraged after 4 hours into the assemble of one earring that you find yourself hardly half way through if you come to discover that you made a very easy to make, mistake! I, my first day upon receiving this kit ventured to assemble one pair of these earrings with all the innocence and enthusiasm one could have as a beginner at a supposed work at home opportunity, only to be left 4 hours later perhaps one fifth into the assembly of one earring done incorrectly of a labor that also graciously offered up a delightful headache that annoyed me for about 3 days, that i attribute to the immense and constant focus ones eyes must undergo to see what it is they are doing. Day 2, Examining from a distance with a weak stare what I had done the day previous decided me that i was not going to dare try this again,

The Fairest Merchant Around

and be not doubtful about there EXCELLENT REFUND POLICY AS STATED of them in some of these work at home directories if one can not help but to resign from this promising undertaking, because

if it is anything like my experience you shall most generously receive 60 % of the cost for your untouched, unopened supply kit returned and not a penny for your instructional kit only to then refund you a grand total of $22.00 for a $76.00 purchase, after you weigh the numbers, I am left to ask, for who is this excellent refund policy to favor?

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Good day. My name is Ivica.

From Europe, from Serbia. I would like to work from home. Assembling a bijouterie or anything else. Would somebody help me?

Does anyone know how to contact the Artisan corporation of America. My e-mail .Unapred thanks


Your right. Those seed beads is terrible to work with.

Although I bought a kit from one of the stores here in my town. It had a design for it.

I figured out how to make it. I really don't care for working with seed beads.



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